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Personal Injury

Experienced Personal Injury Attorney with Exceptional Negotiation Skills

Personal injury cases are built on determining negligence. However, in many instances, these cases end before litigation even begins, which means a good personal injury attorney must have razor-sharp negotiation skills. Mark Evans is practiced and skilled in gathering proof of negligence that the other party failed to take reasonable measures to ensure your safety. Using findings from research and investigation to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf working to win you the best possible results.  

Evans Law Offices in Tucson Arizona Defends the Following Types of Personal Injury Cases:

  • Accidental Conduct
    • Automobile accidents, including motorcycle and tractor-trailer trucks
    • Product liability
    • Dog and animal bites
    • Slip and fall
    • Medical malpractice
  • Intentional Conduct
    • Assault
    • Kidnapping

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